List of Connectors used on Computers Monitors and Printers Etc.

USB Connectors

USB-A-2.0 USB 2.0 Connector Type A
USB-B-2.0 USB 2.0 Connector Type B
USB-MINI USB Connector Mini-B
USB-MICRO USB Connector Micro-B

Din and Mini Din Connectors

MiniDin6Mini Din 6
Din5Din 5
Din4Mini Din 4
Din8Mini Din 8
MiniDin9Mini Din 9

DSUB D-Subminiature Connectors

DB37DSUB 37 Connector DC-37
DB25DSUB 25 Connector DB-25
DB15DSUB 15 Connector DA-15
DE9DSUB 9 Connector DE-9
DE15DSUB 15 Connector DE-15

Firewire Connectors

Firewire-4p Firewire Connector 4P
Firewire-6p Firewire Connector 6P
Firewire-6p Firewire Connector 9P

Popular Display Connectors

HD15VGA-SVGA-XGA HE15 Connector
HDMIHDMI Connector
DVI-I Dual Link ConnectorDVI Connector
DISPLAY-PORTMini_Display Port
DMS-59DMS-59 Port
P&D M1EVC P&D M1 Connector

13W313W3 Connector

Printer Connectors

Centronix Connectors

CN36Centronics 36 Connector
HPCN36Half Pitch Centronics 36 Connector

USB Cable

USB-CABLEUSB-B-2.0USB A-B 2.0 15ft Printer Cable
USB-CABLEUSB-B-2.0USB A-B 2.0 6ft Printer Cable