IDE Hard Drive Adapter 44-40 Pin with Bracket Kit 3.5 Inch

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IDE Hard Drive Adapter 44-40 Pin with Bracket Kit 3.5 Inch
Special adapter with power take off and Bracket.
This Kit is used to convert a 2.5" IDE hard drive 44 Pin used in many laptops to a 3.5 Inch hard drive with standard power and 40 Pin IDE connections.

How do you install a 2.5 Hard Disk in a Regular Computer for Backup.
Step 0.
Turn off all Power. Remove Batteries from Laptop. Unplug from Wall.
Step 1.
Carefully remove Hard Disk Drive from Broken or Problem Matic Laptop.
This can be difficult as some have hidden screws and Covers.
Look Under Stickers and rubber grommets and under keys.
Sometimes they just snap together.
Step 2.
Install Mounting Brackets (if you want) and Needed Jumpers (a Must)
Usually, this means:
Set the jumpers on the 2.5 HD to Slave
and the 3.5 HD in you Backup Computer System to Master.
Unless you have a Cable Select IDE Cable and or System:
Then Set the Jumper for Cable Select and Install.
Step 3.
Install 2.5 to 3.5 IDE Converter and Power Cable to Drive.
Step 4.
Connect Second Connector on IDE Cable to 3.5 HD Adapter
Step 5.
Power Up system Using a Bios AutoDetect on the Drive.
If the system Finds the Drive, you are in Luck, otherwise; the drive might be bad, or you have the jumper(s) set wrong,
Or you Forgot to connect the Power Cable.
Step 6.
Save Bios information.
Step 7.
Repower Up System again.
Step 8.
Copy data from Most likely Drive D: to a safe Place.
Step 9.
If you made it this far and are still in a Good mood.
Congratulate yourself for saving a lot of data.

Also, I would like to Thank Tom with his help on this Document.

New Information 09/09/2004
Many new Ultra ATA Cables have a Permanent Key in the Connectors.
Key Pin Removal Just cut the Pin Off with an Offset Snips.
Make sure and line up the Pins.

Mini Jumpers for Drives are Part Number #03005

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